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Another sponsor from Thailand

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CARGOLOCS AND BUNGEE CORDS…most suitable and convenient for off-roaders to use for securing their luggage onto their vehicles to ensure road safety. Glorymas (M) Sdn Bhd, a KL-based company dealing in a wide range of branded cargolocs and bungee cords has also come forward to sponsor a total of 300 of such high quality straps for participants’ use in this year’s Borneo Safari. Additionally, this company has also made a cash contribution of RM1,000 to the event organiser, KFWDC, which was channeled through its appointed sole dealer for Sabah, Maefare 4x4 Centre. Picture shows Voo Vui Mang (right) of Maefare, handing over the sponsored items to a KFWDC representative.

KOTA KINABALU: As the International Borneo Safari 4x4 Expedition draws near, more and more corporate sponsors made good their pledges to the event organiser, the Kinabalu Four Wheel Drive Club (KFWDC).

A Thailand– based manufacturer, specialising in high quality brake pads, through its sole distributor (East & West Malaysia), Corporate Performance Sdn Bhd, donated 100 sets of brake pads and 320 tee-shirts, all of which are worth in excess of RM 20, 000.

The company, Kelvar Extreme, exporter of the branded Kevlar brake pads was the second company from Thailand to be a willing sponsor, the first from that country Asian Distributor for West Coast Suspension, which had earlier sponsored RM 6, 000 worth of Jenkins suspension.

Yesterday, Corporate Performance Sdn Bhd’s David Tham on behalf of his Thai Principal handed over the sponsored items to KFWDC at its workshop in Kolombong.

According to him, the made-in-Thailand Kevlar brake pads, is approved by the Ministry of Commerce and the company has been exporting the product for many years now and has been a valuable foreign exchange earner for that country.

Kevlar gets its technology and product development from the United States, which is renowned for friction materials such as the brake pads and transmission clutch for automotive usage.

The brake pads carry high quality control and ultimate standard of superiority to enhance consumers’ confidence and satisfaction towards all round safety to their vehicles.

For the Borneo Safari, the company has specially sponsored Kevlar Extreme Disc Brake Pads that come with a proven track record of outstanding quality, and participants for the Borneo Safari will have the opportunity test them to their limits under extreme conditions.

For the route used to test the Kevlar Extreme Pads, the same area for off-roading competitions, which was also used for the top ten 4x4 challenge in Thailand, where the brake pads performed extremely well under all sorts of conditions such as dirt, mud, gravel as well as 45-degree inclines which are great for brake testing.

The brake pads which have been used in Thailand’s top ten 4x4 challenge performed extremely well under all sorts of conditions, in the dirt, mud, gravel as well as the ideal brake-testing 45-degree inclines

Using the latest technologies and innovations to manufacture, Kevlar brake pads has been exported to for the past eight years and have been highly successful, gaining acceptance in terms of quality, durability, product standard.

This product is set to make an impact in East Malaysia, now that there is a local agent to market it.

Representatives from this product’s manufacturer will be here for the eight-day Borneo Safari. Also with them will be two journalists from Thailand who are assigned to cover the expedition. By FRED LEONG