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KFWDC Jamboree 2005

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Recently, the Penampang 4x4 Team took part in the annual KFWDC Jamboree 2005. This year the Jamboree took place deep in terrains of Papar, a town located about 30minutes drive from the City.

The three day event, held from the 29th to 31st May sees some of our members as Jamboree officials and couple others as competitors in the Hardcore and Novice event.

Driver Melvin Joitol and Alvin Leong as co-driver finished 8th place in the hardcore event with driver Melvin's supercharged Toyota BJ40.

DNF on the first SS due to a flat tire, they started the 2nd day with more hard time ahead. On the first SS on the 2nd day, co-driver Alvin sprained his ankle which took toll on their peformance (and points) for the rest of the day.

The last day of the Jamboree and last two SS, the duo put on an unexpected show. The high spirited duo gave their everything to finished where they began and gained everyone praise in the end of day. Good job boys!

In the Male Novice category, new comers Alvin Mofi Joitol, BB, Boy and Pongot as drivers and co-drivers respectedly. Showed off solid skills but was duly beaten by time. Whilst in the Female novice category, Edrie Mc and Anna M. Chai bagged 2nd place.